Canadians launch platform to defend Internet freedom worldwide

Mobile-adaptive site launched as threats to open Internet access go global

August 23, 2012 – In response to the secretive Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) process and other threats to Internet freedom, Canadian non-profit Internet freedom organization, OpenMedia, is launching a platform to amplify the voices of the global pro-Internet community.

Working with Canadians across the country, OpenMedia led the biggest online campaign in Canadian history—Stop The Meter—along with the public outcry that has thus far stopped online spying bill C-30. OpenMedia hosted a multifaceted online campaign—incorporating social media, direct communication with MPsviral videos, and educational graphics.

Following those accomplishments, OpenMedia joined with a diverse coalition of groups to launch petition in June of this year, wading for the first time into international waters. This online petition allowed citizens to push back against the secretive Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement, which contains restrictive binding provisions that could criminalize everyday uses of the Internet. Over 100,000 people from around the world have already signed the petition.

To meet this and a growing list of international threats to the open Internet OpenMedia is launching a new social-media infused website that will be a hub used by citizens around the world, and providing theinternational Internet freedom movement with a platform to pressure leaders everywhere.

OpenMedia Executive Director Steve Anderson says: “We can’t put all our energy into stop-gap measures here in Canada and craft a positive vision for our digital economy while our digital rights are eroded abroad by lobbyists and un-elected trade representatives working in almost total secrecy. That's why we are taking a massive step to launch the OpenMedia International beta website.”

An OpenMedia supporter on Facebook said of the new website recently, “citizens across the world are fighting back and with your help [...] you're giving us that chance and the tools to stop this”.

About OpenMedia

OpenMedia is a grassroots organization that safeguards the possibilities of the open and affordable Internet. The group works towards informed and participatory digital policy.



Lindsey Pinto
Communications Manager, OpenMedia