Tell your MP that you demand a real, open consultation that will finally let us Kill C-51

against Bill C-51

  Tell your MP: “I demand a real, open consultation that will let us Kill C-51”

Right now, the government is deciding how to deal with C-51 and its irresponsible spying powers. If we don’t act ASAP, there’s a huge chance decision-makers will side with pro-surveillance forces and sacrifice our Charter rights once and for all.


But, if we can get a real, open consultation on C-51, people like you will ensure the government finally has to kill the bill’s dangerous powers.


Parliament is back in session, which means they’re deciding now. Message your MP today, and make sure we get the real, open consultation we deserve to kill C-51 for good.

Step 1: Enter your name, email and postal code. We will use your postal code to find your MP.

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[1] Parliament must reject Harper’s secret policeman bill. Source: The Globe and Mail.

[2] Bill C-51 threatens to sacrifice liberty for security. Source: Toronto Star.

[3] Bill C-51: Think Inside the Box. Source: The Canadian Constitution Foundation. Voices-Voix's study also notes that measures in C-51 could have "serious and far reaching effects that would curtail legitimate free expression" and that, "the threat disruption measures may violate Canadian law or the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms"

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